Introducing the New Face of Human Resources

Are You Compliant?

Achieving and maintaining compliance takes professional insight and hard work. At AlignHR, we have expertise in all aspects of human resources and ensure that our clients go beyond compliance. The first step toward compliance is knowing where you stand. AlignHR can teach you.

What Causes Your Stress?

Business is tough enough without having to worry about handling human resources on your own. Our company can align with you in whatever ways make sense. Regardless of the level of engagement, you are in good hands with AlignHR, and can get back to focusing on your business.

Maintaining the HR Function

Every company is unique and has specific needs. However, every successful HR program is founded on planning. We conduct an HR audit to determine where our clients stand in relation to compliance standards, and it turn develop an HR strategy to guide them through the many challenges of managing human resources.

Our Approach is Your Success

AlignHR was founded on the desire to take Human Resources to a new level. And after many years of success in the human resources industry, we believe that Managed HR Services enables us to provide our clients with more than traditional HR practices can offer. Experience what AlignHR can do for you.

How We Align With You

At AlignHR, we leverage the following workflow process to ensure that our clients' needs are fully met when it comes to our human resource services.

  • 01 Assess

    The first step toward achieving HR compliance and moving beyond to ensure peace of mind is to review your current state of HR.  We assess where you are today and where you need to be in terms of compliance standards, but also with best practices and strategy.

  • 02 Adapt

    Next, we take identified improvement areas/needs and we develop an “HR Game Plan,” which is a fulfillment and correction strategy to ensure you adapt appropriately to not only meet compliance, but are positioned for growth. Our vast multi-industry knowledge and experience enable us to do what other HR companies simply cannot… move beyond compliance.

  • 03 Align

    Once the game plan is determined, our company moves to configure the HR tactics and/or strategies critical for success to align with your company’s business goals and objectives. Our company has the knowledge, flexibility, and strategic relationships to handle every aspect of your company’s HR needs and provide the appropriate support to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

  • 04 Act

    Managing Human Resources is ongoing, and once the HR alignment is in place, we help execute, manage, and administer the appropriate HR functions. AlignHR provides the tools, resources, and support necessary for companies to achieve HR success.

  • 05 Analyze

    After identifying your needs, designing a game plan, aligning appropriate tactics and strategies, and executing the plan, we take an in-depth look and analyze the results through identified metrics we collectively developed together. One of our primary goals at AlignHR is to produce meaningful results through positive revenue return (value).


What does 01% mean to your bottom line and how does it relate to your potential growth?

We strive to manage and budget your HR services for a fraction of the cost compared to gross revenue and profitability. We expect to deliver creative and superior HR services, saving you money and freeing you up to concentrate on your bottom line.

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