KCI Aviation

Bridgeport, WV

KCI is a small, family-owned aviation maintenance and sales facility founded in 1976 and specializing in corporate fleets and personal small jets.  The firm is experiencing rapid growth and currently employs a total of 46 staff.  KCI's management needed to update their Human Resources policies and procedures to ensure they were relevant and adequate to meet the company's ever growing headcount.  AlignHR was hired to undertake the task.

Walking into KCI on our initial visit, we were not sure what we would find.  A comprehensive HR audit was conducted consisting of about 90 general audit questions to uncover things like:

  • What steps was KCI taking to reduce turnover?
  • Do they have job descriptions?
  • Do they post open job vacancies?
  • What was the benefits offering?  Was it competitive in today's market for their industry?
  • What was the pre-employment process?
  • What does the hiring process consist of?
  • Was KCI a Federal Contractor?
  • When was the last time a Harassment Awareness training was conducted?
  • Did Employee Handbooks exist and what did they contain?
  • What kind of training was provided to their supervisors?

During the audit, AlignHR found many policies and procedures that needed corrected immediately; and others that did not exist at all.  We pulled all work authorization I-9 forms out of the personnel files, started a binder, and checked for necessary items and consistency throughout the files.  We spoke with managers one-on-one to get a feel for their job responsibilities, as well as KCI's process for bringing in candidates and new employees.  AlignHR discovered that the company did not have a structured orientation for new hires.

In less than two months, KCI had a new vacation and sick time policy, a flowchart outlining the necessary steps for recruiting and hiring, a formal orientation process, a brand new employee handbook, and an excellent set of forms to help keep things running smoothly (i.e. new hire checklist, exit checklist, change of status, interview comments).  Furthermore, for the first time ever, KCI  is compliant with all of its necessary work authorization documents (I-9s) and is  using offer letters for all of their new hires.

During the audit process, AlignHR discovered that KCI was only a few employees away from needing an Affirmative Action Plan and a Family and Medical Leave process.  AlignHR worked diligently and proactively to prepare KCI for those policy changes.

To address employee attrition, AlignHR worked with KCI's payroll department to implement a Hidden Paycheck for all employees.  KCI pays 100% of the premium cost of medical insurance for their employees.  Now, with the Hidden Paycheck system, KCI's employees know what their true compensation really is for every hour that they work including, salary, insurance, unemployment insurance, paid time off, workers' compensation insurance, employer paid matches on Social Security and Medicare, etc.

KCI is now in full compliance with all HR laws and is fully prepared to efficiently undertake its next growth phase.  AlignHR has quickly made a tremendous impact on the way that KCI conducts it's employee-related business.

* Project(s) completed while Principal was with DeemHR and/or WesMar HR.