Abraham Linc

Bridgeport, WV

Abraham Linc is a mid-Atlantic distributor for flooring products.  They are customer driven and their reputation has been built on customer service, reliable delivery, and local inventory.

When AlignHR was brought in to begin working the employment lifecycle starting at the audit phase, HR practices were simply a desire but not a reality.  There were trucks on the road with drivers going to more than 5 states, a very large warehouse with inventory, a high functioning customer service department, outside Sales Reps bringing in more and more business in multiple states, and an executive leadership team that truly cared about the business.  But, there was no sign of what most would probably expect in such a viable, million dollar business: hiring practices, sound policies, a compensation structure, a training and development program, and so on.

Over a period of 14 months, AlignHR spent a day per week onsite conducting fixing and implementing a true HR systemic process, all with the client’s needs in mind.  Everything that was implemented at Abraham Linc was then customized for them.  When it was all said and done, they had everything in place that a company would have if they had a 2+ person HR department and were able to manage it on their own with our continued as-needed consultation.  A few of the items we rolled out were:

  • Job descriptions
  • Position-specific interview questions
  • A Performance Management program that was tailored to each position that included corporate values
  • Conducted an interview style Employee Satisfaction survey and took action on the top 5 concerns
  • Implemented a pre-employment substance abuse program
  • Redesigned their benefits package
  • Rolled out a Supervisor’s Administrative Manual and supervisors training

Today, Abraham Linc has hired an in-house person to administer their day-to-day HR needs using the programs that we implemented and they continue to consult with us on some key matters.

* Project(s) completed while Principal was with DeemHR and/or WesMar HR.