February 07, 2014

We are pleased to announce and ask that you save the dates for the 2014 AlignHR (formerly DeemHR) annual conference on your schedule.  Please join us for a great HR conference experience!

May 7th and 8th, 2014
Charleston Conference Center – Holiday Inn and Suites, South Charleston, WV

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You won’t want to miss what 100 previous attendees have had to say about this innovative, informational conference. 

Some examples:

  • “Absolutely the best HR conference I’ve ever been to.”
  • “I come every year and it’s proven to be the most valuable learning opportunity time after time.”
  • “Terrific presenters. Top notch lawyers, some of the best HR pro’s in the state, and expert speakers on management.”
  • “I love the chance to ask lawyers questions, and not have to pay.”

Featuring the Following Sessions:

Wednesday, May 7th

Group session:

  • “Five Things Being an Expert Witness Has Taught This HR Pro to NEVER Do,” Bernie Deem, Principal, AlignHR

Concurrent session 1:

  • “A Legal Update for WV Employers” Including the Andrew O vs. Racing Decision and the Most Recent Information from the EEOC and WV Human Rights Commission, Connie Weber, Member and Employment Law
    Practice Group Chair, Kay Casto & Chaney
  • “Background Screening: What You Don’t Know Really Can Hurt Your Organization,”
    Debra Keller, Vice-President of Operations, Reference Services, Inc.
  • "The Best Idea Ever: Audit HR before Someone Else Does,”
    Sharon Boyce-Werdebaugh, Principal, AlignHR

Concurrent session 2:

  • “The Latest on the Latest on Health Care Reform”
    James Myers, President, City Insurance Professionals
  • “Working with Workforce West Virginia,”
    Bunny Harper, Manager, Work Force West Virginia

Concurrent session 3:

  • “Team Dynamics around the 5 Dysfunctions,”
    Crystal Homer, HR Executive, First National Bank
  • “Managing Absence Abuse and Other Unacceptable Employee Behaviors,”
    Beth Walker, Associate General Counsel, WVU Healthcare
  • “Retirement Plans: The Importance to Employee and Company Success,”
    Jay Hunt, Director, Retirement Plan Services, McKinley Carter Wealth Services, Inc.

Concurrent session 4:

  • “Everything You Wanted to Know about FMLA,”
    Diana Smargie, Retired US DOL Investigator
  • “Leveraging Integrated HRMS/Payroll Technology to Optimize Processes, Workflow & Reporting,”
    Scott Herson-Hord, CEO and Eliza Kauder, Business Development Manager, GNSA
  • “Respecting Diversity through Effective Leadership,”
    John Finlayson, MBA, Organizational Consultant

Open sessions:

  • HR Café by Type of Business: “There’s No Business like Our Business: Special HR Challenges”

Reception & Session Panel Discussion:

  • “Sued if You Do; Damned If You Don’t,”
    Scott Sheets, Ashley French, and Kevin Nelson, Partners, Huddleston Bolen

Thursday, May 8th

Group session:

  • "5 Ways Most Small Business Owners Misuse Their Most Valuable Asset,"
    Dr. Cory Frogley, Co-Founder, Backbone Pro

Concurrent session 1:

  • “WV Wage Payment and Collection Act,”
    Frank Jordan, Director, and Barbara Gandy, Labor Relations Specialist, WV Division of Labor Wage & Hour
  • “Blurred Lines: Social Media in the Workplace,”
    Erin Magee, Leader of Labor and Employment Practice Group, Jackson Kelly
  • “Disability Management: Trends and Best Practices for Human Resources,”
    Jamie Coburn, OTR/L, Absence Management Executive, CareWorks, USA

Concurrent session 2:

  • “Employee Handbook Update,”
    Matt McMillion, HR Director, YWCA and Ashley Pack, Attorney, Labor and Employment Law, Dinsmore & Shohl
  • “Three Technology Tips for Human Resources:  Employee Productivity, Workforce Mobility, and Collaborative Learning Environments,”
    Steve Smith, CIO, and Mike Campbell, Virtual CIO, HGO Technology, Inc.
  • “Disaster Planning for Human Resources,”
    Jeffery Harvey, Owner and Preparedness Division Manager, JH Consulting

Open sessions:

  • HR Café by Size of Business: Special Interest Areas
  • “Ask a Lawyer,”
    Kevin Carr & Richard Wallace, Members, Spilman Thomas & Battle