March 10, 2016

The 2016 Legislature has two days remaining in its 60-day session.

Passed: HB 4005 - Repealing prevailing hourly rate of wage requirements:  Passed House 1/27; Passed Senate 2/4; Vetoed by Governor 2/11, Veto overridden and passed by the House and Senate 2/1:  Effecdtive 90 days from passage.

The following is a staus report on key economic develpent issues that remain in play until adjournment until midnight Saturday.

Drug-Free Workplace

The bill, SB 287, is pending before the House Judiciary Committee after passing the Senate 34-0.  The bill would give employers the flexibility to develop policy on drug-testing in the workplace and remove the requriement that drug testing is only permitted in safety-sensitive positions or, if a reasonable suspecion of drug use exists.

SB 290 - Assignment of wages by emplyers and payment by payroll card; Passed Senate 1/28; to House Judiciary Committee.